After Midnight

Have you ever had the creepy feeling someone or some thing is following you, lurking in the shadows just beyond your sight. So do I.  Whenever I stroll through a graveyard after midnight or explore a dilapidated, defunct insane asylum in the deep recesses of the basement, I have that feeling. But each time I feel the adrenal pumping and my blood running cold. Nothing happens.

Now I’m sitting at home watching the most gut-wrenching horror film I can find. I have only one candle burning, scary music playing, and a life-sized werewolf mannequin sitting on the sofa across from me. Waiting…for some thing to happen.

Wait! Is that the front door opening? I know I locked it. Or did I. Who or What would be darkening my doorstep after midnight. What’s that fetid, gravelike smell?

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