Attack of the Zombies

Attack of the Zombies

Lone Ranger 2 JPG

The Lone Ranger and Tonto were surrounded by zombies. The Lone Ranger’s horse, Silver, had died of exhaustion, and Tonto’s horse, Scout, could not go on carrying two riders.

“Well, Tonto, it looks like we’re done for,” the Lone Ranger said dejectedly.

Tonto watched the zombies reaching the top of the hill. When they rushed toward them and grabbed the Lone Ranger and began to pull him into the grisly throng of teeth and claws, Tonto looked down at the masked man one last time from atop his horse and replied coldly, “What do you mean we, paleface?” Without looking back. he rode away in a cloud of dust with a hearty, Hi Yo Scout away!!!!

After the zombies finished with the Lone Ranger, one of them said, “Who was that masked man?”

Another one said, “Dunno, but he tasted good.”

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