Horror Can Get Ugly 5

Scary Man Werewolf Fango Beast under Full Moon at Halloween

Particularly when the wolfbane blooms.


Even a man who is pure in heart
and says his prayers by night
may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms
and the autumn moon is bright.

Warning signs your spouse may be a werewolf:

  • Red Hair
  • Born on the twenty-fifth of December
  • Eyebrows join in the middle
  • Index and middle fingers are the same length
  • Love of rare or raw meat
  • Hair on the palms of the hands
  • Hair on the inside of the skin
  • Will change back to a human if you throw a piece of iron or steel over its head when in animal form.

Why did the werewolf have a stomach-ache?
A: Must’ve been someone he ate.

What does a werewolf like to eat with his pizza?
A: A slice of delivery boy.

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