In Your Face Horror Book Trailer II

In Your Face Horror II Trailer

If you like scary stories, In Your Face Horror by Billy Wells will rock your world. The 31 horrors include:

Ravenous: A man bitten by a bat gets very hungry.

The Love Room: Someone has discovered the serial killer’s love room.

Tattoo: Since Marlo got her panther tattoo, all her friends are dying.

The Babysitter: A bad babysitter is alone with little Matthew.

Spiders: Charley needs to change a fuse in the creepy basement.

Something In the Car: The eyes of a dead woman keep popping open.

What the Cat Dragged In: Little demons land on Earth from a meteor shower.

The Troll: An ugly woman eats 7 children every ten years to stay young.

Street Cinderwine: A man meets a troubled woman on a midnight road.

The Boy Who Cried “Boogeyman”: A man returns to where he lived as a child.

Table of Contents:

A man awakens in the dark, only able to move his head on a pillow and the fingers of his right arm, which is tied down. Despite perceiving no feeling in the rest of his body, he is extremely cold and terrified by the possibilities of what may have happened to him.

The Love Room
A man is terrified to find his home broken into and the contents trashed, not because of any personal loss, but because the intruder may have discovered the room where he tortures his female victims before they go to the septic field in back of his house.

What the Cat Dragged In
A man’s pet cat brings home a small, alien furry thing that eats flesh like a school of piranha.

Something In the Car
After a deer crashes through the windshield of a car, the stranger who rescued the husband from the wreckage tells him his wife’s mutilated, bloodless corpse is not human.

Under New Management:
The meat at Big Mama’s Restaurant is extremely fresh.

Vampires and Werewolves:
A charter plane to Atlantic City lands at a remote private airport near Lake George, NY.

The Vampire Club:
Something big in the basement has devoured Mike’s neighbor’s cat on loan to catch a mouse.

The Troll:
Lieutenant Ramsey is on the trail of a strange woman who kidnaps seven children every ten years and eats them to stay young.

Charlie needs to change a fuse in the spooky basement full of spiders.

The Clown At Midnight:
Charles likes to watch horror flicks by candlelight with his monster mannequins.

The Madeira Club has hired a travel agent to rent a castle in Transylvania for this year’s gala Halloween party.

Black As Night
Two teenagers try to rescue a helpless woman from being buried alive by a masked rider on Halloween.

The Shell Game
An elderly man loses his faith in a snowstorm on the last day of his life.

Werewolf On Broadway
A werewolf propositions a promoter to make his transformation the main event at Madison Square Garden.

The Boy Who Cried Boogeyman
John returns to the house where the boogeyman tried to eat him when he was ten years old.

Tooth Fairy
A serial killer has driven a crucifix through the hearts of seven boys and extracted their incisors.

The Ax
A warlock has sworn to return on the anniversary of being burned at the stake three hundred years ago.

Christmas Eve
It’s the night before Christmas, something is in the house, and it’s not Santa.

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