My Friends Are Dying to Meet You 2


Where can we meet on our first blind date? Let me see. Do you know the high overlook with the magnificent view of New York City off Cemetery Road. You know it’s where that hooker was found strangled last week? That’s the place. I thought you would know it. Yes, it’s a little spooky. Yes, it’s a little off the beaten path. But I have an aversion to crowded places, don’t you?

How will you know me? That’s easy I’ll be wearing a Captain Kirk mask. I know it’s not Halloween, but I love being mysterious. What time? You pick it, anytime after the sun goes down.What to do? Frankly I’m a little short on cash. How about a stroll through the old defunct insane asylum. I hear they still have skeletons hanging from chains in some of the operating rooms. You what? Why don’t you tell me what you really think, bitch. Up yours!

There’s a shuttle leaving Cemetery Road non stop to Morningside Cemetery within the hour. All aboard. All my rowdy fiends will be there.
















Scary Stories- Volume 4 is available to scare you silly if you dare:

Check out the trailer:



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