The Dolls By J .C. Martin

The Dolls by J C Martin Will Scare You


In The Dolls by J C Martin, Joyce Parker and her daughter, Taylor, visit an eerie tourist attraction on an island in Mexico where hundreds of decomposing dolls hang from trees. Taylor falls in love with a particularly sinister doll and wants to keep it for her own. The dark history of the doll involving the spirit of a lonely child who drowned rattles the mother. Frightened by the superstitions, rituals, and deaths surrounding the doll, Joyce refuses to buy it for her pleading daughter. Joyce thinks her troubles are over when she leaves the island without the doll and returns home. Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse as the story winds to its spellbinding conclusion.

The Dolls by J C Martin kept me on the edge of my chair for the entirety of the gruesome tale. I must confess I did keep one foot on the floor to facilitate a fast getaway if a malevolent force or a demonic doll surprised me while I was spellbound.

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