The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

The first time I saw you I knew you would make a good organ donor. I could tell by your athletic physique you had a strong heart and healthy lungs. But when you could read the numbers on that license plate from across the parking lot, I knew I had to get you alone in a dark alley ASAP.

Don’t worry I’ll make it quick. You won’t feel a thing after I stun you. You’ll be long gone before I harvest.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Think of all the people who will live a meaningful life because of you.

If you liked to be scared, click the link below if you dare:

The stories include:

SOMETHING IN THE WELL: Jules has no choice but to go to the well where a demon granted a wish that saved his father’s life for a price.

SOMEONE TO KILL: Brent has a butcher knife and he’s looking for someone to kill on a lonely street tonight.

GRANDPA: The zombie apocalypse has begun and Grandpa is near death in the next room.

THE PARTY: A man crashes a Halloween party mysteriously held in a dilapidated mansion unoccupied for decades.

THE FEUD: After twelve years of truce between two feuding families, Jasper Stump is missing and a beast is devouring people in the woods.

THE TOASTER: The City of Baltimore appropriates funds to move Edgar Allen Poe’s gravesite to a new mausoleum.

SHADY REST: A rehabilitated psychopath, who inherited millions, leaves the asylum with eight friends willing to share her sprawling mansion.

THE LOSER: A disillusioned wife regrets marrying her loser husband who fathered two pathetic dolts and fantasizes how great life would be without them.

NIGHT VISITORS: A horror writer fears the torturers he created in his stories will come for him one dark night.

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: Two young lovers infatuated with one another begin to see imperfections as their wedding day approaches.

THE JOKER: An author plans to use the comedic M.O. of the way a real serial killer staged his victims in his next novel.

The VAMPIRE KILLER: A man claims the iconic rock star he killed with a wooden stake was a vampire not a man.

Check out the trailer:

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