Torture Chamber


My torture chamber is as dark as a dungeon, and it has a very unpleasant odor. I need to hire an interior decorator to spruce it up and purchase an air purifier so I can breathe without retching.
I also need a new operating table. The current one has too many layers of blood and gore. Also, my circular saws are so dull from overuse, I have to strain much harder to crack the chest cavity and the skull than I used to.

The acoustics are also miserable. Sometimes the overzealous screams of agony almost puncture my delicate eardrums.

Life is hard and then you die.

I remember a simpler time before the zombie apocalypse when I only had a few tools to work with like a scalpel , a hammer, a  screwdriver, and a chainsaw. Now you need to be a rocket scientist to keep up with the latest torture technology.

Woe is me…

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