Uh Oh Grisly Gloria, Last Day To Vote

Grisly Gloria

Grisly Gloria is shambling over hill and dale trying to weed out the followers of Billy Wells on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Goodreads, etc. who have failed to vote for Billy Wells’ book, Dead Things, on Kindle Scout.  Winning the competition is critically important to Billy, who may become a multiBillionaire if he wins.

Brad, the photographer, who took this picture could not bear to focus on Gloria’s lopsided, pocked, and lipless face, but was able to snap a picture before losing his hand during the dismemberment. Gloria’s severe astigmatism in her only eye and the dull ax blade contributed to the necessity of the thirty-seven whacks it took before Brad finally stopped screaming.

Don’t end up like Brad, Click the link now. There’s only minutes left to save yourself:


This is what happens if The Crimson Creeper comes instead:

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