What Reviewers Say About Billy Wells Horror

Funky girl.

The  overall average of reviews on all Billy Wells Horror books on Amazon.com is 4.34!

Excerpts from actual reviews:

“I have to say that this is one of the best anthologies I’ve ever read!! Each story was unique with a very cool twist.”

“I haven’t read anything by the author before but after reading this picked up two of his other collections…”

“The only disappointment was when I turned the page after finishing a story to learn it was the end of the book.”

“I took my Kindle with me everywhere for 4 days just so I could keep reading this book.”

“You can really relate to the characters and feel what they are going through…The endings will always shock you.”

“Your anticipating with your own ending and then out of the blue its like “Oh man, I never expected that!””

“Billy Wells has a knack for leading you down the path to what you might think the ending would be and then in the last few paragraphs it twists to something unexpected.”

“it has been some time since I have enjoyed the caliber of an author’s talent and writing skills as much as I have the short stories of Billy Wells.”

“I love horror stories that are short and full of tricky little twists and Billy Wells has created just about the perfect book for that midnight scare.”

If you like horror stories, click one of the covers below:

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