George Romero-Father of Zombie Horror

George Romero-Father of Zombie Horror  (February 4, 1940 – July 16, 2017)   A horror visionary who created the modern zombie genre with his 1968 cult film, Night of the Living Dead, which he made for about $100,000 .

His other films iinclude  Dawn of the Dead (1978) and Day of the Dead (1985) The Crazies. Season of the Witch (1973), Martin (1978), Creepshow (1982), Monkey Shines (1988),  The Dark Half (1993) and  Bruiser (2000) Two Evil Eyes (1990) Land of the Dead (2005) Diary of the Dead (2007) Survival of the Dead (2009). He also created and executive-produced the 1983–88 television series, Tales From the Darkside.




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Jamie Lee Curtis Walk Of Fame


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Top of the Stairs: Agatha

Top of the Stairs: Agatha is another of my favorite short horror films from CryptTV. A real scarefest in a very dark and creepy house.

Top of the Stairs: Agatha Credits

Producers: John Marchioni & Timothy Vandenberg
Associate Producers: Cathy Meriam & David Hardin
Director Of Photography: Bo Webb
Sound Designer: Diego Jimenez
Gaffer: Eli Wallace-Johansson
Production Designer: Laurellane
Creature FX Artist: Tony Rosen
Costume designer: Jessica Gaffney
Costumer: R’hea Roland

Orphan Girl: Louise Ogle
Mother: Penny Kohut
Agatha: Renee Farrabow

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