Answers To Horror Trivia II

Answers To Horror Trivia II


  1. American Werewolf In London
  2. Washington, DC
  3. 7 Days
  4. Species
  5. Bela Lugosi
  6. Hal Holbrook
  7. Boris Karloff
  8. John Carpenter’s The Thing
  9. Angus Scrimm
  10. Radio Disc Jockey
  11. Meat Hook
  12. Daughter of Horror
  13. Prey
  14. Jesse Ventura
  15. The Mist
  16. Mrs. Voorhees(Betsy Palmer}
  17. The Creature Walks Among Us
  18. Topper
  19. Triffids were aggressive plants with seeming intelligence that walked on their roots to devour humans
  20. A huge boulder crushed the victim
  21. Prince Henry Stout

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