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I write short story compilations, songs, and poetry.I produce book trailers and music videos.

The Dolls By J .C. Martin

The Dolls by J C Martin Will Scare You   In The Dolls by J C Martin, Joyce Parker and her daughter, Taylor, visit an eerie tourist attraction on an island in Mexico where hundreds of decomposing dolls hang from … Continue reading

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Grab Life By the Balls, Read My Poetry

Selections from the poems and lyrics I wrote primarily during my youth when love and lost love filled my heart and my soul with erotic and bittersweet emotions I will never forget. I have included poignant pictures to capture the … Continue reading

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Midnight Snacks

Eight tales of terror and a novella to thrill you and chill you with surprises you may not see coming. Table of Contents: LORD OF DARKNESS Fred finds a large box on his doorstep with a horrific looking ebony statue … Continue reading

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I Am Legend Is A Legend In Horror

I Am Legend by Richard Matheson- A forerunner of The Walking Dead Many notable horror authors rank Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend as one of their top ten horror novels of all time. However, if you crave a lot of … Continue reading

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