Billy Wells Horror Anthology I

Billy Wells Horror Anthology I

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Billy Wells Horror Anthology I is a compilation of my first two books, Black As Night, and Shivers and Other Nightmares. It includes 62 stories in the horror/thriller genre with surprise endings with a relevant color picture to complement each story. Most of the stories might be considered flash fiction since the majority are relatively short. I am proud of both books, and in my view, each book stands on its own and contains stories with compelling plots and twist endings. The stories include many of horror’s popular monsters such as the vampire, werewolf, troll, tooth fairy, devil, boogeyman, witch, ghost, devil, zombie, ghoul, warlock, and a host of maniacs and serial killers. Some stories combine the gruesome and humor, and some are heart attack serious.

If you don’t enjoy horror, please don’t read this book. It wouldn’t be fair to you or me.

But if you like to walk through graveyards after midnight, or visit haunted houses on Halloween, or explore dilapidated, defunct insane asylums, or play scary music in the dark when you are alone, enjoy the horror if you dare. If you really want to feel creepy, you might want to read this book with life-size monster mannequins sitting around you like Charles Royster did in my story, The Clown at Midnight. Hopefully, you will fare better than he did as you journey into the unknown.

So, take the plunge and feel the terror that waits just beyond the door in spaces where the subtle shades of black are imperceptible in the gloom. In a forest where the silence is so profound it suggests the awakening of an enormous beast from a long sleep with a mission to rip apart any bird, animal, or insect that dares make a sound. In a tomb where the children of the night seek fresh, warm blood, and the wind howls and the wolf bane blooms under the full moon. Into fields of sorrow where scarecrows walk, monsters crawl and awful things go bump in the night. Go to those creepy places you never thought you’d go where the whisper of a spider’s web lingers on the back of your neck too long. and the icy fingers of something dead send shivers up your spine that makes your blood run cold.
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