Did A Boogeyman Live In Your Closet

Did a boogeyman live in your closet when you were small?

Some say theirs lived under the bed. Anyway,  every night when I went to bed and I closed my eyes, I would hear the squeak of the closet door opening. I saw the boogeyman’s pale face coming toward me and pulled my covers over my head and screamed as loud as I could. My parents came running for almost a year. At first, they showed concern and searched my room thoroughly. But, after not finding a trace of the boogeyman so many times, they read me a story called The Boy Who Cried Wolf and stopped coming. I kept screaming until my vocal chords bled to no avail. When I discovered my parents were wearing earphones to watch TV, I stopped screaming and lay trembling under the covers each night until we finally moved to another house.

I burned that house down with them snoring comfy cozy in their bed when I was seventeen to get some overdue payback. No one suspected it wasn’t an accident and I got away with it.

Since then I often wonder what I will do if I have a child who believes a boogeyman lives in his closet and starts screaming every night.

I wonder what my kid will do if I hide his blankets in the closet.

If you like to be scared,

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