Have Yourself A Scary Little Christmas

:Horror Christmas Elf holding a sign written with blood.

Have yourself a scary little Christmas
Fill your Yule with fright.
From now on
Let demons haunt each lonely night.

Have yourself a scary little Christmas
Let the vampires bite.
Pretty soon
Your nightgown will be red, not white.

Let’s go lurk where the zombies grope
Where there is no hope or dreams.
Where creepies crawl through the holiday
And hellhounds bay and scream.

Have yourself a scary little Christmas
Bathe in death’s perfume.
Slit your wrists and sing a song of doom and gloom.
Buy yourself a scary little Christmas tomb.

Want to be scared this Christmas?

Don't Look Behind You

Don’t Look Behind You

The stories in this book are:

SOMETHING IN THE HOUSE: Randolph and Francene have come from the cemetery with some friends to visit a house where they lived when they were alive.
WITCH ALBERT Marty’s new toy man is eating his other super heroes in his collection. He wonders what Witch Albert will do when they are gone, and she gets hungry.
BELIEVE IT OR NOT A bank robber takes a desolate road to escape a roadblock. He would have been better off turning himself in to the police.
CHARLEY Mandy is the only one who can see her imaginary friend who lives in the swamp.
WORLD DOMINATION Barry believes a young man in the window seat is orchestrating Armageddon on his laptop computer game.
WHO’S YOUR DADDY Cecil returns to his hometown for his mother’s funeral, he discovers the father he never knew was a serial killer who devoured his victims.
JOWLS Alex seeks revenge on three partner who reneged on making him partner after 31 years of service in remote locations
BRIDE OF THE GORILLA Werewolves cause madness and mayhem at Dizzyworld Amusement Park.
GHOST TOWN: Settlers come upon a deserted town where the former occupants fled in a hurry from something evil.
THE CALLER FROM HELL: Clyde Bottoms is receiving calls from a disconnected phone last used by the Morningside Cemetery twenty-five years ago in Hell Massachusetts.
THE DOME: After attempting to start a concrete business in northern New Jersey, the police found what was left of Earl Breedlove crawling around a dumpster in Newark. His brother, John, seeks revenge.
THE TAXIDERMIST: Louie finds a deformed taxidermist with outstanding credentials to mount his most prized kill from twenty-five years of hunting.
FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW: Jeremy White stared in disbelief at the footprints in the snow leading away from his front door, and none coming to it. He suspected Billy Smith had broken into his house during the night, and he wanted to nail him.
THE BOOGEYMAN: Agnes returns from a scary walk after dark and finds her front door standing open. A serial killer the media calls the “Boogeyman” will kill another woman in the next four hours if he follows his pattern.
INTO THE LIGHT: After Tomas sees an intense light as doctors try desperately to revive him, he finds himself fighting for survival as a new character in the original movie Night of the Living Dead.
ROAD KILL: Matt and Penny pick up a young man with a flat tire on a lonely road in the middle of the night.
THE CADAVER: Blanche foolishly risks her career as a university professor to enhance the learning curve of her students by supplying fresher cadavers for them to dissect.


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I have written 171 short stories so far in my quest to exceed Ray Bradbury's 400 short stories. It goes without saying it will be an uphill climb. My web site, billywellshorror.com, includes sample stories from all ten horror story collections. Since reviews are the life's blood of every author, I would greatly appreciate a review of any of my books on Amazon.com and hold anyone who does in high esteem for all eternity. Stephen King is my favorite horror writer, and I admire what King has accomplished in the horror genre in terms of movies made from his considerable volume of work. My Coffeesmoke channel on You Tube has amassed over 2,600,000 hits, mostly from my "Dead Celebrities" videos. I love movies and had seen over 1,500 by the age of 13 when there was snow on 13 channels after midnight. My favorite horror movies are Halloween, Night of the Living Dead, and the Evil Dead. My favorite movie of all time Is Frank Capra's It's A Wonderful Life with James Stewart. My favorite authors are Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, John Sandford, Michael Connelly, Robert B. Parker , Clive Cussler, James Patterson, Jeffery Deaver, Dean Koontz, Edgar Allen Poe, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, James Lee Burke, Richard Matheson, Lee Child, Jack Ketchum& Jack Kilborn/Konrath.
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