Horror Trivia II

Horror Trivia II

Young zombie girl with axe

  1. What movie did two young travelers visit a small pub named the “Slaughtered Lamb?”
  2. What American city did The Exorcist take place?
  3. How long after seeing the short film did the viewer have to live in The Ring?
  4. What movie ends with a rat chewing on an alien tentacle?
  5. The actor’s name who bit Larry Talbot(Lon Chaney, Jr.) in The Wolf Man?
  6. Who played the preacher in John Carpenter’s The Fog?
  7. Who played Inhotep’s mummy in Universal’s 1932 film The Mummy?
  8. What movie ends with this quote, “Why don’t we just wait here for a little while. See what happens…”?
  9. Who played the tall man in Phantasm?
  10. What was Adrienne Barbeau’ profession in John Carpenter’s The Fog?
  11. What was the killer’s weapon of choice in I Know What You Did Last Summer?
  12. What movie was playing in the movie theater in the original The Blob?
  13. What was the title of Richard Matheson’s story about the Zuni warrior doll in Trilogy of Terror?
  14. Besides Arnold, what former governor played in Predator?
  15. In what movie did a father needlessly kill his wife and son with a gun in a truck?
  16. Who was the psycho killer in the original Friday the 13th?
  17. What is the title of the third Creature From the Black Lagoon movie?
  18. Leo G Carroll, a psycho research biologist in Tarantula, played a more refined role in what TV show in the fifties?
  19. What was killing people in Day of the Triffids?
  20. What happened at the dunk pool when a player hit the lever in 2000 Maniacs?
  21. What was the name of Gary Busey’s dog in Surviving the Game?

Answers To Horror Trivia II

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