My Roommate-the Devil Worshiper

my roommate-the devil worshiper

My roommate-the devil worshiper had horns on his head. But, hey dude, my mom never raised me to¬† make snap judgments about people by the way they look and dress. What do I know about devil worship. Live and let live; that’s my motto. Do unto others, you know, the golden rule.

Believe me, I’m a free spirit and I march to a different drum myself, good buddy. As long as you don’t mind sharing a room with a necrophiliac, we’re cool.

In case you’re wondering, I’m not a serial killer like Jeffrey Daumer, I have a friend who works nights at Angus Scumm’s funeral parlor. He lets me play with the corpses for a sawbuck most Tuesdays and Thursday nights. As long as I don’t muss their hair and their makeup and I get their clothes back on right afterwards, it’s ride ’em cowboy all night if I want to.

What! You already have someone in mind for a roommate. Well, why didn’t you say so?

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