Book Review: The Dolls By J C Martin

Book Review: The Dolls By J C Martin

Book Review: The Dolls By J C Martin

In The Dolls by J C Martin, Joyce Parker and her daughter, Taylor, visit an eerie tourist attraction on an island in Mexico where hundreds of decomposing dolls hang from trees. Taylor falls in love with a particularly sinister doll and wants to keep it for her own. The dark history of the doll involving the spirit of a lonely child who drowned rattles the mother. Frightened by the superstitions, rituals, and deaths surrounding the doll, Joyce refuses to buy it for her pleading daughter. Joyce thinks her troubles are over when she leaves the island without the doll and returns home. Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse as the story winds to its spellbinding conclusion.

The Dolls by J C Martin kept me on the edge of my chair for the entirety of the gruesome tale. I must confess I did keep one foot on the floor to facilitate a fast getaway if a malevolent force or a demonic doll surprised me while I was spellbound.

Take my advice and pick up a copy of The Dolls by J. C. Martin:


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Grab Life By the Balls, Read Billy Wells Poetry

Tide & Season 600

Selections from the poems and lyrics I wrote primarily during my youth when love and lost love filled my heart and my soul with erotic and bittersweet emotions I will never forget. I have included poignant pictures to capture the essence of the moments in time.

Hark, Horror Fans! This is the softer side of Billy Wells. Heads do not roll in these pages.

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Billy Wells Horror Collection-Midnight Snacks

Midnight Snacks

Billy Wells Horror Collection-Midnight Snacks

Billy Wells Horror Collection-Midnight Snack includes eight tales of terror and a novella to thrill you and chill you with surprises you won’t see coming.

Table of Contents:

Fred finds a horrific ebony statue on his doorstep that terrifies him so much he takes it to the city dump for disposal.

Harold fixes up old houses and sells them for a nice profit. That is, until he bought the dreaded house on Elm Street.

Mr. Ryder receives two fortune cookies with his Chinese food this time. One says he’ll be rich; the other says he’ll be dead by midnight.

Gillian receives word her mother is dead from an automobile accident and she should return home immediately. When she arrives, shes finds her mother alive and rich, but Mr. Blue, is killing elderly women in her neighborhood.

Jason finally locates the whereabouts of the vampire who killed his wife and his son. He has three hours of daylight to find him and drive a stake through his black heart.

Two users become friends on the net and decide to meet. One is not interested in a relationship. He’s told all the girls he’s tortured and killed the same story.

Linda’s cat, Bluetooth, and her cocker spaniel, Dinky, are missing. She suspects three juvenile delinquents are responsible in a neighborhood terrorized by The Cannibal, a serial killer, who devours his victims.

Joseph Hyde is a medical miracle. He’s still alive after being pronounced dead, undergoing an autopsy, an embalming, and premature burial for forty-eight hours.

Two army buddies reconnect and become unlikely heroes in later life when sinister villains threaten their loved ones. They are forced to be even braver now than they were as soldiers in combat.

Check out the video:

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