Uh Oh Grisly Gloria Is On A Killing Spree

Grisly Gloria

Uh Oh Grisly Gloria Is On A Killing Spree. She’s shambling over hill and dale trying to weed out the followers of Billy Wells on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Goodreads, who have failed to buy Billy Wells’ latest book, Scare Factory.  Becoming a multiBillionaire has been a lifetime goal for Billy and time is running out.

Brad, the photographer, who took this picture could not bear to focus on Gloria’s lopsided, pocked, and lipless face, but nonetheless wass able to snap a picture before losing his hand during the dismemberment. Gloria’s severe astigmatism in her only eye and the dull ax blade contributed to the necessity of the thirty-seven whacks it took before Brad finally stopped screaming.

Consequently, don’t end up like Brad. Do the right thing. Buy Scare Factory.

Moreover, Billy Wells Horror’s average review rating for all horror collections on Amazon .com is 4.3!

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Billy Wells Horror Collection, Scare Factory includes these following nightmares:

An after hour intruder pulverizes the heads of two deceased people with a sledgehammer in their caskets at a local funeral parlor.

A meteor crashes into Ned’s home carrying a tiny alien who loves to sing and dance.

An alien calls Earth to speak to the commander-in-chief about a meteor that will incinerate the planet in less than two hours.

A freelance photographer makes his living selling brutal photographs of victims at crime scenes to local newspapers and web sites.

After working with a renowned geneticist for five years, a young Harvard graduate is frustrated by his mentor’s failure to publish any of their discoveries.

The police investigate the home of an elderly woman with a houseful of cats who has not retrieved her newspapers for four days.

On his deathbed, Jeffrey’s grandpa gives him a peculiar warning to Beware of the Clown, Not To Go In the Tent, and To Stay in the Dark.

US Marshals investigate when a busload of prisoners headed for prison escape into a huge national forest.

Dirk works on the NASA project to teleport someone to a new planet, Vulcan, but first he wants to travel back in time to save his mother from a brutal murder.

Mildred awoke not recognizing her husband or her son. Nothing mattered now but the hunger.

A member of a university club wants to join a group of drinking buddies who he believes are vigilantes who fight crime when the system fails.

Ashley joins a dating club to find the perfect mate but is drawn to a member who resembles the man who murdered her mother.

A woman contemplating suicide saves a young girl from committing suicide before all hell breaks loose.

Madison has recurring dreams about the same man attempting to kill her time in different historical periods.

A consulting retired police chief attempts to extort money from a fortune teller for scamming clients and gets more than he bargained for.

Former pizza parlor operators become tomb raiders and discover the sarcophagus of a pharaoh legend has as a vampire.

A father receives a call that his son who disappeared ten years before will be returned to him for $100,000.

Dr. Wishbone sends little Bradley to a retreat to see if his rash will improve while away from home.

An introvert becomes a power-hungry monster who rules his dream world like a tyrant after discovering lucid dreaming.

Tammy is pregnant and is an abortion clinic in a spooky neighborhood when all hell breaks loose.

Therefore, click the cover to go to the Kindle Store!

Sweet Dreams!!!


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