Why Does Billy Wells Write?

Boy (9-11) with freckles and ginger hair standing beside yellow wall, smiling, close-up, portrait

When I was eight years old I loved to watch cliffhangers on TV on Saturday morning. My favorites were Zorro’s Fighting Legion, The Vigilantes Are Coming, Hawk of the Wilderness, and several Flash Gordon adventures. At the end of each episode the hero would fall off a cliff, be blown to bits in a mine shaft explosion, etc. The next week you found out how the hero survived certain death.

I loved these shows so much I started writing my own serials. Each of my adventures had six chapters, each with three segments. Each segment had a half a page of text and a picture I drew, then colored in with crayons. You can imagine how pitiful, this must have been. Nonetheless, a freckle-faced kid who sat behind me liked my stories and urged me to write more. This third grade classmate’s encouragement made me believe I had a talent for writing, and I’ve been writing ever since.

Check out my tenth collection of stories and the video:

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